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To demonstrate how CrisisVu can add value to your business we feature a regularly changing crisis, product launch or topical news item and display it here. The seemingly intractable refugee crisis facing Europe has been in the headlines constantly for the last few weeks and in our demo we track the ongoing developments in real time. 

You can navigate around the Vu, zoom in and out, click on a node to read the tweets containing that word and watch the conversations spread in 'instant' real-time. Newly trending keywords or topics are shown in bright red, changing to brown and then to green as the volume of tweets discussing that topic reduce in number.  If you would like us to monitor a particular issue or you have identified a new and breaking crisis, please Tweet us.

Currently Showing:

  • The European Refugee Crisis

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If you would like to know about the additional features and benefits of the full version of CrisisVu you can find out here.


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CrisisVu and Visualisation

CrisisVu breaks away from the inflexibility of traditional monitoring dashboards to create a truly intuitive, instant 'Vu' of Twitter conversations about your brand or topic.  Our unique presentation technology uses visual perception techniques that we all learnt as toddlers, allowing our eyes to register patterns, networks, relationships and key activity in literally seconds.

In an era of information overload when clarity is essential for rapid and effective response, CrisisVu delivers! Read more >>





Instant and Actionable Intelligence

Whilst many media monitoring services claim to offer real-time results, CrisisVu is truly instantaneous. By establishing an 'open line' connection between our server and your web browser CrisisVu provides an 'instant' feed of Twitter - so any important new conversations from Twitter appear instantly in the browser. Read more >>





Why Use CrisisVu

Whether averting a crisis in ‘Twitter Time’, beating other services to the market with a hot stock tip or responding quickly to stakeholder issues, CrisisVu delivers real competitive advantage for anyone needing 'instant' real-time intelligence.

However, CrisisVu  is not only for those who want to avert or effectively manage a crisis. It is also a valuable service for those who have response-time critical needs, such as tracking public reaction to a product launch or policy change or for managing fast moving public order situations.  Read more >>


CrisisVu is a terrific concept that visualises online buzz and delivers instant clarity and insight. Clever, disruptive and rather compelling to watch!

A refreshingly disruptive take on media monitoring - intuitive, real time visualisation.

CrisisVu you have an amazing product. It's so interesting to watch in real time! #social #media

CrisisVu helps you manage the incoming tweets while keeping a birds-eye-view on the overall mentions and chatter around your brand.

Melissa Agnes
President of Melissa Agnes Crisis Management

.."simply the most advanced and exciting tool we have seen to monitor and manage the huge numbers of tweets that now accompany any large corporate crisis".

Raul Baz
Executive Vice President Engage Burson Marsteller